Monday, October 10, 2005

We are still here!

Greetings to all. I believe that we can now be classified as the worst bloggers in the has been over a month since our last attempt to communicate via "blogging," and for that we apologize. I am sure that if Crossway could be nominated for an would be the "Worst Blogger Award." Anyways, we appreciate your patience, and faithfulness to inquire about our group. We have been extremely busy this past month or so trying to fill in shoes of "Daddy Hurt" There have been many concerts as some of you may have seen that we have performed as a trio. Needless to say, every concert was interesting in its own way. Chris and Paul have been doing a fantastic job I believe singing like women:) They both have taken turns sanging that ole tenor part. It is quite funny to listen to the three of us swithching parts every other song, and even forgetting which part we are supposed to be on. In all seriousness though, I believe that it has made us grow as more versatile vocalists and it has been fun, but we do miss Daddy Hurt for sure. We would not have it any other way though, Marty is exactly where he needs to be to be, with his new family. The babies, and Christy are all doing wonderful, and I am sure that Chris will give you all the details in a future blog...hopefully not too far in the future. May God continue to bless you and yours. Matt

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Great News

Have I got some news for you! Last week, I blogged you all requesting prayer for Christy, Marty, and the triplets. Well, they are all still doing fine, however, there have been three new additions to the Hurt family. Hayden, Hana-Beth, and Hadley were born, around 4:30pm, on Sunday, August 21, 2005. The babies are all healthy, but are very small. Hayden weighed 2 lbs. and 1 oz., Hana-Beth weighed 1 lb. and 15 oz., and Hadley weighed 1 lb. and 7 oz. They are the cutest little things ever. The triplets will have to remain in the hospital until they get a little bigger and stronger. The Baptist East Women’s Hospital staff are all very optimistic, and they are taking very good care of Christy, Hayden, Hana-Beth, and Hadley. Hopefully, Christy will be released later this week. The doctors say that the triplets still have a long road ahead of them, but that they should all be fine.

Marty, Christy, Hayden, Hana-Beth, Hadley, CrossWay, and our families, want to stress our most sincere appreciation to you all for including the Hurt family in your prayers. We all agree that prayer made the difference. God is watching out for His little creations, and we know that He will continue to be with them throughout each of their lives. We will have some pictures up on the website as soon as we can get them.

In Christ,
Chris Weaver

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Triplets' Update

Hey everyone, this is Chris! Sorry, it has been so long since I have posted a blog, but this married life takes a little bit of time to get used to. But, I am still enjoying every minute of it. Carla is doing fine, and she says, "Hello!" We are spending our last few days together before she starts back to school. She has about two years remaining, but they will be a hard two years for her, so please keep Carla in your prayers.
Well, let me get to the real reason for this blog, and that is to inform you all about Christy, Marty, and the triplets (Hayden, Hana Beth, and Hadley). They are all doing fine, however, the pregnancy did take an unexpected turn. Last Thursday, Christy had a doctor's check-up, and during the exam her doctor told her that she was having contractions. This led to her being admitted into Baptist East Women's Hospital. The doctor's staff finally got her contractions under control by Sunday morning, but it was not an easy process for Christy. The medicine used to control the contractions is kind of hard on the body because it shuts the body down. Christy complained that it hurt to breath. As bad as the medicine was, it did its job. Now Christy is in a regular room and doing very well. I guess the hardest part for Christy, Marty, and the Triplets, is they have to stay in the hospital until the babies are born. Christy is in her 27th week, and her goal is 32-34 weeks. Needless to say, she is going to be on total bed-rest for a while.
Christy and Marty are very optimistic right now, and so are the doctors. Christy has a wonderful attitude about the whole thing because she realizes that she is in the best place possible if something were to happen. Right now she is only concerned for the well-being of Hayden, Hana Beth, and Hadley, as a mother should be. Please be in prayer for them because it is not easy being on total bed-rest for 6-8 weeks. Since Christy is going to be in the bed for quite a while, I am sure that she and Marty will have a lot of time on their hands. In short, they may get a little bored. So, if anyone would like to send them a card or correspondence, I know they would enjoy reading it. I will enclose CrossWay's address at the bottom. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and thoughts, and for being such wonderful friends to our ministry.

CrossWay Ministries
P.O. Box 177
Ripley, MS 38663
Attn: Marty and Christy Hurt

Thanks again,
Chris Weaver

Friday, July 29, 2005

On Interstate 81

The time is 1:13 pm eastern time. We are currently on Interstate 81 making our way up to Dillsburg, PA to the annual King's Kid's Camp. We were just talking about how it seems like just last month when we were up here. The older I get, the more I'm starting to believe that there is a group of alquida terrorist pranksters moving the clock forward a little faster each year. I currently have Matt McFarland working on the situation. He's informed me of a suspect named Bin-wiyhndin deHahndhup. Hopefully he'll soon have this problem resolved and time will slow back down to it's normal speed like it was when I was a young teenager.

Just to let you know I'm currently running on 29 hours with no sleep which will transcend into 41 hours before my head reaches a pillow. I stayed up last night working on a sermon that I will be presenting at Hiawassee, GA on Sunday morning (which by the way I am extremely nervous about). I finally finished at about 11:00 last night, packed, then pulled out at midnight to head to Chattanooga towards Pennsylvania.

Christy and the trips are doing great. I'll be keeping everyone more up to date as the time grows nearer.

Thanks for reading. I hope maybe you've read something today that will change the way you look at modern technology, world politics, or at least make you smile a little bit.


Friday, July 22, 2005

What a trip!

Greetings from British Columbia! I am sure that most of you have seen our recent photo gallery of the mountains. (not to shabby of work if I do say so myself...I may need to consider photography as a back up plan if things dont work out here:) We flew into Calgary last week, had one of the most well received weekends in the history of Crossway, rented a vehicle to travel across country to Vancouver, and are currently in Chilliwack anxiously waiting for Sunday to come so that we can fly home. The trip has been fantastic in every way imaginable, but Chris, Marty, and I are more than ready to be with our wives. (Paul has mentioned that he may just stay here.) It is beautiful here, and the Canadian people have gone far out of their way to make us feel welcome, and for that we are grateful. I believe that the only negative experience that we have had thus far came when we spent the day at the "largest mall in the world." In the humble opinion of 4 boys from Mississippi and Tennessee, this was no was an entire city! It came equipped with even a theme park inside, and of coarse I was going to ride only the rides that dropped, spun, jerked and pulled me around with 4 g's or more! And yes of coarse I was intelligent enough to have done this immediately following the consumption of Japanese food. I probably do not have to continue for you readers to understand what came next....but i will. Ok, I won't, but you can imagine that it was not a pretty sight, nor was it an enjoyable experience. (especially for the custodial crew at the theme park) Oh well, it gave the other guys a good laugh and perhaps bring a smile to your face, so I would consider it to be worth it. Overall we have enjoyed the trip and look forward to coming back at the end of the year. We will probably be placing more photos up soon so please continue to check in with us. thanks again for your support and encouragement of Crossway...may God continue to bless you and yours! matt

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tales from the Newly Wed

I just wanted to post a quick blog to let everyone know that after 17 days of marriage I am still hanging in there. Just kidding! I love the married life. I am so in love with my wife, Carla Quinn Weaver. I have posted a picture of Carla and I at the wedding. Most of you probably have heard me talk about her for hours, but have not seen her, so I thought that I would let you all get to put a face with a name. We had a wonderful time at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios in Jamaica. I am thinking about moving back there when I retire. I will post some pictures we took while on the honeymoon in the upcoming weeks. There should be some pictures on website now that we took at the wedding and reception. I will also post the photos that the photographer took as soon as I get them back. I want to take a quick second to say thanks to all of our many friends and family that have been so kind to Carla and I. She is at home right now still trying to find a place to put all of the gifts that we received. We both love you all very much and thank you all for playing an active part in the beginning of our new life together. I think that Carla is going to post a blog as soon as we get our internet going at the house. Please be in prayer for us because I am on the road with CrossWay today, and it is the first day that we have been apart in 17 days. We are doing alright, but we can always use your prayers and thoughts.

The Newly Wed, Chris

Monday, June 27, 2005

Anybody know Oprah????

What is good for the goose is good for the gander! Have you heard that expression? I am not one of the CrossWay guys, but I am the next best thing; one of the CrossWay girls. About 7 years ago, Marty started traveling full time with CrossWay. I will be the first to admitt, it was hard for this new, fresh out of college wife, but I survived it... Up until Matt joined CrossWay (which was just about 2 years ago) I was the only CrossWay wife. I remember dreaming of the day that their would be other CrossWay that time I thought Paul would be the next to marry...good thing I was not holding my breathe. HA! Anyway, now their are 3 CrossWay wives!!! I am so excited. The only problem is that we all live apart. Carla Weaver lives about 2 hrs. south of me and Jenny McFarland lives about 3.5 hrs. northeast of me. I really wish we could all live in the same town, so that we would be each others support team. Ok, ok, ok, I admitt I am being selfish. Really, I just need both of them here to help me with these 3 babies. Yep, I am not really sure how I am going to pull this one off. Please think about it; three babies...all the same age...all in diapers...all wanting fed at once. And need I remind you, Marty will be in your hometown singing at your local Freewill Baptacostal Church!!! Any suggestions?

Anybody know Oprah Winfrey personally??? I could really use one of her "dreams come true."

By the way, the babies are 2 girls (Hana Beth & Hadley) and 1 boy (Hayden).

Thanks for letting me share.

Christy Hurt (Marty's pregnant wife)